Dear whoever you might be,

There’s some things that i would like to say to you. And I know you already know what Im gonna say. And that you’re afraid of it.
And i also know what youre gonna say in response to what I’ll say. And that I’m afraid of it too.

But I’m still gonna say it anyway, because it’s killing me otherwise.

I wanna let you know, that I actually like you alot. More than alot actually, if that’s possible. It’s been a long time since Ive invested my feelings so willingly in anyone but I can’t seem to be able to help it this time.

I like you so much, so so much. And,
I can’t even explain why. But I know you’re the one i want to be with for a long long time to come.

But I also do know you dont have space for me in your heart at all, it’s explicit enough to me that somebody else holds the special place in your heart. And so much so that there’s no way you will even lay eyes upon me to know how sincere and genuine I really am.

And that rejection is inevitable for me.

But I’m confessing just so that you’ll know that I’ll always be somewhere waiting for you. And that you can know I’ll never give up on chasing you.

With all the love in the world,
Gavin Loh