As I’ve promised myself,

I’m gonna go blog about my travels in America. And maybe for after that as well, so that I can always look back one day, and smile from ear to ear even on days when I’m down and out, knowing that I once tasted true freedom and happiness.

It was march 8 2011, 2355 HRS that my SIA flight took off really on time. I was really excited, but a little freaked out as well. Ive gotta admit, it takes alot of balls to travel alone. There are so many things that can go wrong. For example, I’ve gotta bring my luggage everywhere with me, even when I want to visit the washroom as there’s simply nobody who can watch my bag.

Or, when I’m waiting to board the plane at the gate I can’t take like a nap even if the wait is long. Who knows if my gate starts to board, and I’m still snoring away with my noise canceling headset grooving in my dreams to Heart Vacancy. There won’t be anyone who will wake me up = GG.

You get the point (:

ANYWAYS, I’m really really excited about my trip. Though Ive yet to plan anything. I blame my macbook for that. But I’m really positive, and excited. And I’m sure it will be a very good experience. Just to give you a good idea about how excited/a little nervous I was before my flight to Frankfurt.

Here’s a picture about my heart-rate count: 112 beats/min


Just to give you an idea what the usual heart rate of a average adult is à around 65-75. I was almost twice of that HAHAHHAHA.

That’s all for day 0 of my tour (: