There are really sorts of people in the world.

And I do like to believe most people are nice in nature though I do know a handful of people whose true nature is alot more sinister and evil. Something I’ve learnt in my trip that was really new to me.

Some people only knows anger and hatred. Only choose to be unforgiving and not forgetting.

And there’s only such a thin line to separate the good from the bad.

It’s just too easy for some to convince themselves that their self-obsession is self-love and self-acceptance.

It’s just too easy for some to justify their ill intentions with “for your own good”.

It’s just too easy for some to glorify themselves only through trampling others.

I mean. Grow up people. You ain’t young no more. Act your age and stop thinking that the world revolves around you. Stop thinking that people gravitate towards. Stop thinking that you can get whatever you want if you scream and shout like a baby. People despise that. And your pampered ways only continue to hurt the people around you that you claim to love.

I hate judging people. But this time. You deserve it.

P.S. if you think I’m writing about you. Then it’s probably not you that I’m referring to. The person(s?) in question is way too delusion-ed to see the truth and feel the shame.

And I despise myself writing hate posts. But this time, I’ll make an exception and rant.