While I was about to sleep yesterday night, I suddenly remembered a very interesting conversation I had with a really sweet blonde girl at Washington R Int. Airport last week.

I had no idea but the whole thing just came to me suddenly. I had all but forgotten about the conversation as I was really excited about returning back home to Singapore.

I remembered I was eating some fries from Macs and reading the book titled “War” by Sebastian Junger.

To side track a little, I will like to highly recommend the book. The book is written by a journalist who followed a platoon based at a Afghan outpost, and illustrates his first-person experience on combats, ambushes, firefights while drawing on psychology, history and war science to explain the different ordeals the soldiers had to go through. To the skeptics, the book was never altered in any way (I quote) “directly or indirectly” by the U.S. military because it is actually illegal for the military to even read/see the contents that the journalist had noted down and attempt to alter his reporting. Reading the book almost makes you feel the heat of the battle and understand the risks the infantrymen took to protect their friends. It was like you’re in the midst of the gunfight yourself. It was ranked #4 in the list of new york times bestseller when I was there a week ago. I really highly recommend it. Should you not be able to find it anywhere in Singapore, I can lend you mine! Just return it to me. I’m reading it for the 4th time already.

Anyway. So this lady, very pretty, very sweet the girl next door feeling kinda girl sat down next to me while i was reading the book. And she said, that’s a very good book you’re reading there.

And I looked up and I was blinded for about 3 seconds. Stunned for another 3 seconds. And took another 3 seconds to regain my composure.

And I proceeded to had a really nice chat with her about the Afghan war.

But that’s still besides the point. What I wanted to talk about was about something that she asked a long time later on.

She asked me, (we were talking about how white boys are a lot more of “a player” than asian guys) whether I believe in love.

I thought about it for a while, and I replied.

“I believe in love, but I do not believe in true love”.

“I believe in lasting love ’till death do us part’, but I do not believe in everlasting love”.

“I believe in ‘love chemicals’ such as phenyl ethylamine, oxytocin, dopamine and norepinephren, but I do not believe in chemistry in love”.

“And so when you asked me if I believe in love, I will have to say I do. And yet I don’t”

And she smiled and said, that’s what I needed to hear. And she gave me a peck on my cheek and went off to check her flight. I remembered she asked me to add her on facebook and let her know if i ever visit Boston. I din’t really bother keeping her contact as I really don’t think we’ll meet again.

Because I really don’t believe in love at first sight too.