At first look, one would no doubt perceive the two words “trust” and “faith” to be synonymous which each other.

Maybe they are, if you will like to define them to be. But at closer examination, I realize that they ain’t quite the same…

It’s September 7 today. And it has been a long time since I’ve blogged. Not surprisingly so, life has been kinda like an equivalent of drawing a straight line with a ruler for the past few weeks or so. In retrospect, I think it is even more monotonous than a perfectly straight line.

School has started for a while. And it was with a lot of discipline that I initially thought I was incapable of mustering that I sat down and planned my study plans for my next 5.5 years in NUS, given I’m intending to pursue a double masters and a honors bachelors.

I was very much unhappy with having to study for so long, I mean 5.5 years, there’s a huge opportunity cost there! I could have otherwise continued my initial pursuit of finance accreditations, in CFA, in FRM and what non, drop post grad, and start working say 3.5 years from now when I’m young, fairly healthy and fairly outward-looking in life still. HAH.

So I’ve decided, I need some planning. I need to cut down on my education timeframe from 5.5 years to a maximum of 4.5 years.

To illustrate what I have to do. I must set some things in perspective first. Should I follow the conventional route, I should take 4 years for my first BBA. Another 0.5 years for my Msc Mgmt. And another 1 years for my CEMs in (I hope) LSE. And the last 1 year in LSE, that is unavoidable. It is strictly 1 year of studies. Nothing I can do about that.

That will require, at the very least 160 Modular Credits for my BBA and another 32 for my Msc. Mgmt. Assuming I can gain full exemption from specific Mods from my Msc prog. from my BBA prog.

Back to the topic of Trust and Faith. To differentiate the two. Think of it this way. To trust, is to believe but with some certainty probably derived from experience. When you trust somebody, then that somebody must have done you good before. But to have faith, it’s simply to believe, and purely believe. Blinded maybe? Religiously perhaps? But they’re not quite the same.

I’m the kinda guy who can only trust. That’s why I don’t have faith in God.

But things are changing.

I’m stepping into a world unknown. Or at least I choose to.

Because I’ve made up my mind to pursue my double masters in 4.5 years instead of 5.5 years. And that’s something I have never ever done before, something I have never ever even thought I can do. Maybe it’s these few years. Or maybe it was my trip to America. I’ve changed. And I opened up my mind. And I decided that perhaps impossible is really possible.

And so I challenge myself. To do my degrees, 192 + 40 modular credits, in a really short time. I’ve even made plans for it. Goodness, I never really made plans for anything before. And that will require me to overload for the next 4 years of my life. Suffocate myself, only to breathe again.

And that’s when I need to break the trust in myself, in its entirety. Break who I used to be, and start having faith in myself.