At this rate I’m blogging. I can just change the name of my blog from whatgavinlohsaidtoday.wordpress to whatgavinlohsaidthisdecade.wordpress 😀

Recently, my close friend came to comment on a recent presentation I made in school. He said that he thought that I was “smoking” my way through the Q&A. Okay by smoking here, we mean smoking as in smoke-screen. You know that right?

I was surprised. I thought I answered pretty coherently.

It was a MNO presentation, and my group was presenting on a particular idea known as “universalism”, whereby we see a trend in which our civilization tends towards a world where people start to increasingly hold just one particular set of beliefs and ethics true.

And a fellow student asked me if this was actually truly practical. He asked if I see a world where people start dressing and looking the same. Like clones. Initially the first thought through my head was that this guy is a plain dumbass, first of all, when did I even suggested that we’re gonna be looking alike. I was talking about a psychological trend. Not a physical trend. He totally took it the wrong way. (I was under the impression that our point was pretty clear, but clearly half the class wasn’t really following, cant blame them though HAH I was the same with the rest of the groups)

I still had to answer him nonetheless.

And I said, well now the world is as such (not my exact words, not so artas). We are clearly a very differentiated population. We all wanted to be different. And we have people tell one another that we’re all different.

That much is true, how often to we hear people telling us that we’re all different.

And how often do we struggle so hard to differentiate ourselves from the crowd.

Everyone of us is different.

But here’s the irony, I said, the irony is that everyone of us is similar in the way we want to be differentiated.

And instantly I saw the effect, the whole class was showing me this face, zomg he said something so deep and i’m still kinda figuring it out look.

Well, when I said what I said, I thought my answer was pretty implicit already, that I already answered his question. Not really realizing that people are not really comprehending my train of thought as yet. And before I justified my statement, I answered him that I thought that yes I do see a trend whereby we all are going to be universal, in a psychological sense.

Thinking back. People might have thought me smoking, because they fail to follow my exact train of thought. What I had meant to say then, will be focal point of my article today.

Well you see.

We all want to be differentiated. And yet we all are similar in the way we want to be different. There is the irony. But what’s the point here? What I meant to say is that wanting to be differentiated is a social construct, a civilization condition, that was imbued into us from modern society. If you tell me that your bid to be different is a totally unique situation, and the whole world is filled with everyone wanting to fit into the social norm, that yes, I’ll be inclined to agree with you. But I’m sorry to burst your bubble, you’re very much the same.

You see. Being differentiated is a modern social construct. It’s a modern societal ideal. We need innovators and entrepreneurs, and that’s why we need uniquely different people to build a differentiated pool of ideas businesses can work on. It is a hip hop culture, where people fight to stand out, to be uniquely ourselves. I don’t see how people in the past, living in caves, or living behind swords and shields would even bother with such obsession with differentiation. And it is through these subtle political, socio-economic changes that slowly conditioned us, throughout our lives, to think this way.

And that’s the thing about society and mass media. It influences you in these subtle, insignificant, invisible ways that you seem to think the ideas came from you within. What you fail to realize is that everybody else is subject to these conditions too.

And should we then accept my premise that the mass media is capable of influencing us so, we can then see that, where the need arises, society will make us the universal one-thinking population that the post-modern future will need.