Before you comment, I know 那些年 is a old show already! It’s just that I’ve been wanting to blog about my feelings with regards to the show since a while back, but I was not sure how am I to go about doing it.

The thing is, recently I have been really confused. Really confused.

I’ve been feeling really strong emotions with regards to somebody. Strong emotions I’ve buried deep within a long time ago. So long ago that I’ve forgotten why did I do that in the first place.

I keep asking myself, am I in love? It is just a crush or a infatuation?

I do not know.
At least not yet.
I’ll let time test me.

But what I do know, is that I want this feeling to last. At least, 那些年 is right with regards to this.

柯景腾 made me realize that 爱其实可以很简单.

Truth be told, as we grow up, we get hurt over and over again over failed and broken relationships. We start developing this phobia, and preoccupation with regards to what we believe love to be. We develop all this beliefs, and conceptualize love. We complicate all these beliefs with notions of unachievable perfection in love.

Always thinking that the perfect somebody has to be waiting out there for us. When in reality, the perfect somebody might already be around.

But if we backtrack, all the way to our first love. We realize, actually, the happiest relationship has to be that 简单爱.

That’s what I seek.

And that’s what I think I’ve found. And that’s why I don’t want my todays to become my tomorrows’ 那些年. I’ll fight for love this time, I promise. And even if we are to never end up together. I want to preserve the most perfect memories for her.

And till then… 拜托不要现在告诉我,我没问你,你也不能拒绝我。