A Poem written by Gavin Loh to (unnamed)

Once a upon a time

A boy fell in love with a girl

It was funny how

They once were

Like the prideful geese

Each flying solo

Not wishing

To come together

As fated,

They both were created,

Stubborn motherfuckers that cannot settle for anything

Not really the best

Truth be told,

He and she were never to be anything.

But he refused to believe that

One day

She will leave

But he knew that

For him

She will always be the most important one

For him

She will always be the only one

He knew,


Reality was always so brutal


He never knew why


He regretted

Never to have tried his best.

It was not a lie.

He was in pain.

So in desperation,

He despaired and said

“You will easily be forgotten

Don’t you ever be so sure that

You can forever be an irreplaceable part of my world

You don’t realize that

It will be impossible if

I say that I can find the strength to continue loving you”


He cried.

Tears of sadness,

They were not

Tears of happiness.


He was always lying.

She was wrong to think that

He would change everything about himself for her.

Just in two months

It was

Just in a split moment

It was



It was


(Read the above again in reverse)