MY life’s a march. It has always been, and will always be.

The question thus lies, is the stride forward?

On the spot?

Or even backwards?

Or is it instead a quiet protest marching down the streets of life?

As I look back upon my life for the last few years as the examinations come to a close in my first semester as a second year undergraduate. I suddenly realize how ridiculously little I’ve moved in life. I’m still infatuated with the same girl I fell for when I first entered school. I’m still crazy obsessing over the optimal grade with little regards about my other enjoyments in life. I’m still equally fixated upon this most ideal career i want upon graduation. I still indulge in the very same intoxications I have come to hate.

That’s just nothing more to excite and exhilarate me in life.

I shall just continue to entertain, and smile vicariously through others around me.

And this is irony, laced with a little sadness.