Nobody starts off a non-believer.

We all begin our years full of genuine faith in love. In romance. In this idea that relationships are not built upon needs, wants, lust and transactions.



The years washed that faith away.
I’ve seen too much infidelity amongst even the ones who claimed themselves the most righteous, and the most loving. I’ve watched too much destruction, and oppression by the controlling and cheating partners. I’ve witnessed too much emotional and psychological violence silencing the one with the more passive voice.


Love is self-loving.

Romance is self-serving.

Relationships are self-serving.


So when you ask me why I am still single today.

The way I see it.
Love is just simply an emotional investment, and I do not see how the risks justify its returns.

And that’s how I find self-comfort knowing that I am the player sitting by the sidelines.

I am not the true enemy here. The brokers and the dealers of love are.